Access Control – IP Door Intercom Systems

Using keys and deadbolts for entry and access control has evolved, like everything in technology and security. We are moving towards electronic access control systems because they are convenient and reliable. Talkaphone’s access control solutions allow the ease of granting one individual access while restricting another’s – simply done via computer.

Access control systems are a method to strengthen physical security of a building.  However, there are additional reasons why a building might need an access control system. For example, unauthorized entry to the financial wing of a facility that houses confidential client information could put a business at serious risk.

Talkaphone provides a fully integrated access control system, which includes a head-end IP video attendant station and two-way IP call station. The VOIP-200 Series call station interconnects with the AVM-1 IP video attendant station providing a one-stop access control solution.

With the ability to connect to up to 30 VOIP-200 Series IP Call Stations, the AVM-1 can monitor and regulate entry points through the call stations via video and voice communications.  The AVM-1 unit receives basic factory pre-programing, enabling effortless integration with the VOIP-200 Series.

The Federal Commission on School Safety Report lists access control as a key line of defense in securing the perimeter and the classrooms of a school building. Using Talkaphone’s access control technology to improve security systems will ensure the safety of school buildings. Best practices for school building security includes taking preventative measures to prevent and protect against possible violence.

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