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We've experienced a ton of improved efficiencies and response times due to the installation. Our customer service response has improved dramatically. They integrate with all of our other systems, and without them it would be hard for us to manage what we do. It makes our job and having contact with the public that much easier.- Dan Birbeck, Dallas County Hospital District Police Department
In the planning phase of the WEBS Contact installation we made a list of some of the most common situations in which you would need to broadcast a message. Even though some of our prerecorded messages are unlikely, we can rest easy knowing we have a prerecorded response to a majority of situations. The entire process was very simple for us and the learning curve was really small.- Shawn Woods, University of the Sciences
They’ve always functioned correctly and don’t require any maintenance. We test the units periodically and we never have problems. I’ve seen other competitor’s units fail after one or two storms. These Talkaphone towers have been working without problems for six years strong- Don Gussler, Emeryville Marina Harbor Master
We perform fire and earthquake drills. We wanted a system that could help us better organize our response and communication with the community. These units have done just that.- Nathan Moore, Chabot College
We wanted to install a solution which we knew would operate without error, each and every time.- Adam Adcock, Carolinas HealthCare System

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Talkaphone is the industry’s leading designer and manufacturer of security and life safety communication products and solutions for customers all over the world.

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  • Security Solutions for Parking Garages

    Have you ever felt uncomfortable walking to or from your car in a parking structure? Parking garages are generally dim, even on sunny days, and they tend to be high-risk areas for crime to occur. Even if you’ve never felt vulnerable in a parking garage, there’s a high chance your patrons are cautious of them. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than 1 in 10 property crimes, such as motor vehicle theft and property theft, occur in parking garages. Even worse, the NCVS survey reveals that 7.3 percent of all violent crimes happen in parking facilities — 16 percent of which were assault, rape, and robbery. By deploying access control systems, proper lighting, and emergency call stations in parking areas, your visitors will experience a greater sense of security when parking at your facility. Access Control Parking garage security starts before cars enter the facility. Access control systems are a key component in keeping visitors and their property safe. Not only does monitoring everyone who enters and leaves the parking facility help secure the area, but it also acts as a deterrent. Criminals know that their presence has been... Read more →

  • The Benefits of Call Station Towers

    Talkaphone offers a selection of emergency call stations that can be installed in various environments as part of an effective safety and security plan. The blue light emergency call station towers are ideal for high-risk areas and help deter crime. With just the push of a button, users have the ability to call emergency personnel. Installing call station towers help prevent unwanted activity from occurring, as the towers are a signal of safety. For schools, hospitals, mass transit platforms, and corporate campuses, Talkaphone emergency towers provide a much-needed sense of security. The vandal-resistant towers discourage crime and have an always-lit LED blue light strobe on top. They are also available with optional overhead cameras that are activated when the emergency button is pressed. The towers come with a variety of features available including analog or IP call stations, custom reflective lettering, graphics, and multiple color options. For those seeking a more economical tower, the Emergency Call Station ECO Tower® combines economy and ecology into one stylish product. This durable, yet lightweight solution is available with switched power and wireless options. The Solar Tower is designed to integrate with a cellular interface and either solar or switched power to provide a completely... Read more →

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