Product Timeline


Talk-A-Phone’s biggest seller is Record Players. The Low Cost Wired Player is a bargain at only $15.25.

By the end of the 30’s, we have begun to sell more and more of our stylish wood-paneled intercoms.



During the War years, Talk-A-Phone Co. was classified by the government as an “Essential Industry”. Our intercoms were used in the US as part of the war effort and by the military in a variety of settings, including these LST’s.

The Chief Intercom Series is introduced with up to 50 stations all talking to each other.



Jack Dempsey, Walt Disney, Mahalia Jackson, Eddie Cantor… the list of celebrity endorsements for Talk-A-Phone goes on and on. Where quality talks – it’s TALK-A-PHONE®.



“What’s that… the baby’s crying? He must want some of this delicious milk! Good thing I was listening in on my Talk-A-Phone Home Intercom!”



When San Francisco’s Muni Metro system began operation, they used ultra-modern TALK-A-PHONE intercoms to monitor operations.

Energy Crisis, Disco Crisis… some things come and go, but reliable Talk-A-Phone intercoms keep on working. Throughout the 70’s Talk-A-Phone was there with you, in your office, at your self-service gas station pumps and in your heart.



Gas is still expensive and full service becomes a luxury. Cars line up at banks, automated gas station/C-stores and fast food drive-thrus where attendants talk to their customers with hands-free Talk-A-Phone intercoms.



With the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act in July of 1990, the disabled are ensured equal access to communication. This brings about a need for Talk-A-Phone’s first Hands-Free ADA-Compliant Emergency Phones.



Y2K passes without a single cataclysmic event, but security is still a big issue. To meet the needs of those adding emergency communication in remote areas and to already constructed facilities, Talk-A-Phone releases low-powered Radio Frequency and Cellular units.



Mass Notification is steadily gaining ground in the security field. Talk-A-Phone’s addition of High Power Speaker Arrays, LED Signage, VoIP products and a wide range of integration options make WEBS® indispensible in any crisis situation.


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