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The WEBS Contact® Certification Program is a prerequisite to the WEBS Contact deployment. Participants will learn the proper techniques in configuring the layered mass notification system, setting up notification zones and creating notification profiles.

The WEBS Contact Certification Program is only available to Talkaphone Channel Partners.

Upon completion of the certification participants will receive a diploma good for two years.


  • Certified partners will be listed on Talkaphone’s website
  • Only certified partners can install WEBS Contact system
  • Access to an online knowledge base
  • Free Tier 2 technical support
  • Commissioning opportunities

Prerequisites for WEBS Contact Certification

Networking OS / Applications Voice over IP
  • TCP / IP
  • WAN / LAN
  • Network topology
  • Network cabling
  • Cisco OSI Model
  • Routing / Switching
  • Firewalls
  • QoS / traffic priority
  • PoE
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows XP, 7
  • Database management
  • Windows Services
  • Command line
  • IIS
  • System Administration
  • VoIP Fundamentals
  • SIP Protocol
  • IP PBX Systems
  • Peer-to-peer Communication

Please follow the prerequisites for certification section prior to taking the online certification. We recommend these prerequisite certifications from third parties: CompTIA A+, MCSE.


You can register for this course by filling out the WEBS Contact registration form and sending it back to us via fax. The class size is limited, so please register at least two weeks in advance to secure your spot. You can view the upcoming certification schedule here.

Upon registration you will receive a confirmation email. Please follow the instructions in the email to access the certification course.

Scope of the certification

Course topics include:

  • Software requirements
  • Hardware requirements
  • Server setup
  • Database setup
  • Services setup
  • Device discovery and registration
  • Creating audio and text alerts
  • Creating notification profiles
  • Live and Pre-recorded notification

You will have to pass an exam at the end of the course in order to receive the certification diploma.

Cost of the certification

WEBS Contact Certification fee schedule for Talkaphone Channel Partners is outlined below:

  • $595 one attendee
  • $890 two attendees
  • $1185 three attendees
  • $1480 four attendees

The full certification fee will be refunded to the Channel Partner as credit on the first WEBS Contact project.

The certification is good for 2 years and can be renewed by attending another certification class free of charge.

Equipment required for certification

The certification class will be held in a form of a webinar. Participants will not require any additional equipment for the purpose of training and certification. The maximum size of a group from each organization is four people. Please contact us for special arrangements in case you anticipate more than four people from your organization taking part in the certification class.

Upcoming Certification

The dates of upcoming certification courses will be updated regularly. Please check back with us for more dates. You can also contact us regarding a certification course in your area or sign up for our newsletter to be notified of upcoming certification courses.

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